The Weekender Bag

Leather Travel Duffel. Available in Jet Black, Antiqued Black, Camel & Chocolate. This Life Tool Bag offers separated compartments for your boots in a bottom zipper compartment to keep your threads clear of your dirt. Now Featuring HAND CARVED Horse Skull Hardware in Gold or Silver. Hand Carved Horse Skull Clasps have JUST BEEN ADDED to this piece to separate us from the rest of our knockoffs. Rock your Life in True Original Style.


A large-sized leather bag for travel or daily ride function. This bag gives its user the option to nearly zip off the bottom, offering a separated compartment for shoes to ensure that mud and other unclean elements do not touch one's clothing or more protected items in the main section of the bag.

The main compartment hosts full-length inside pockets while the outside bag ends boast our custom horse skull clasping system. This allows the bag to open up for more storage or to collapse for a smaller bag when not in need of so much room.

For those whom like options, this bag will be your new intelligent choice while moving about the world freely. Let this bag work for you. Complete with a wide and adjustable shoulder strap and classic handles to choose how you wish to carry your world.