Equites Offers Pre-launch Custom-made Apparel and Exclusive Diamond Level Editions For Holiday Season

High-end equestrian fashion apparel available from 6 December at Equites.co.uk

LONDON, UK -- December 6, 2016

Equites, the world's premier high-end, equestrian fashion brand, is offering a special pre-launch edition, featuring custom-made apparel, just in time for the holidays.


The first 1,000 equestrian enthusiasts and fashion lovers to place orders between now and February will have the opportunity to wear Equites' hand-crafted items, and be fit and sized via the Equites website, equites.co.uk. The personalised experience will not be offered again until the brand’s third year on the market.


Following the initial orders, Equites will offer another layer of luxury with an exclusive Diamond Level edition for 100 customers seeking Equites apparel in silver, gold and conflict-free diamonds. The up-levelled pieces will include Equites’ skull jewellery offered in gold and sterling versus brass. Also by special request, specific items will be available with black or white diamond accents. Equites’ riding boots can be ordered to come with 24-carat gold capped toes versus the footwear's standard brass toes. Additionally, the brand's popular holster bag will be available with detailed geode crystals versus the item’s standard, original sheepskin.


Customers who order Diamond Level items will receive an invitation to the London Fashion Week showing of the Equites collection, as part of the brand’s official launch.


“This is perfect for people who want an exclusive and refined touch, as well as an interactive experience with our highest tier, which is different from the classic pieces that will be available after the label’s launch,” said Equites founder Gingi Medina.


Customers can place orders directly on the Equites site or by sending an inquiry to info@equites.co.uk.

About Equites

Equites is the world's first high-end fashion brand for equestrian enthusiasts and socially conscious consumers. Dedicated to the slow fashion movement and bringing ethical products to customers, the Equites team sources all of the label's materials from countries, indigenous peoples and practices that service the planet, and give back to the communities in which they're cultivated. Each Equites item is designed for function and style, and is originated from the life cycle of the earth's animals and natural elements.