Gingi Medina

Head of Design and CEO

Ms Vivian

Our Sketch Artist Extraordinaire

We found her in the very early stages of building Equites. While holding a competition at the world-renowned school of Parsons Design NYC. Ms. Vivian’s translation of our visions to actual 3D and flat models for our pattern makers to follow were beyond our wildest imaginations. She and Ms. Medina clicked from within and the rest was history. A 12 piece collection came of it which is now currently in production and we could not be more proud to promote our beloved Vivian and her immaculate skill set in artistry through (and not whatsoever limited to) drawing and translating our work into real-life pieces. She is certainly a part of the Equites family and absolutely priceless to our process. We love you Viv!

Monsieur Jean-Baptiste

Our in house Shoe cobbler

By way of Paris France, JB found himself on the island of Bali where we came across this mad genius of a shoemaker. 

Mr. Baptiste works not only with the finest materials, but he opened up his truly artisanal work as our shoe cobbler to mold his skill set with our crazily creative designs. With this perfect marriage of craftsmanship and innovation, we were able to provide a world-class riding boot. JB also brought to us an added signature and historical way of making our shoes, better referred to as the Goodyear Stitch. This system ensures to be the most durable and oldest historically in the art of shoemaking. We stop at nothing to bring you the best. Go JB!!!