Ritual Moto

Soft Cowhyde Leather Shell Jacket with Shaved/Ritual Goat Fur Backpiece inlaid and Studded Details. Duchess Satin Lining and 6 pockets(2 of which are hidden) in this Statement Piece.

Comes in 2 colors: Ivory & Brown Fur with Antiqued Brass Hardware or Black Leather with White Fur Accent & Silver Hardware. Choose your Color combo and size or go over to our Atelier Section for a Bespoke/Custom Design Color Combo of your choice!


From the Horse Riding Countryside to the City or allow it to be your Show Stropper at your favorite Festival...leaving them wanting more

Ritual Moto

Metal Choice
  • Our Seasonal Pieces have Arrived. Limited Editions of color and element combinations hand selected by our Head Designer to accentuate your Summer into Fall Wardrobe and Cameos.

    *Currently Offering: Black Leather paired with White Fur accents, Balinese Hand Woven Contrasting Linings, Added Inner + Hidden Pockets & Custom Hand Carved Hardware for your Life in Style. Chocoate Leather with Combination Fur Also Availalable! Get yours NOW!!! 

  • Bottom Clasps open to make way for 3 option/style uses. Clip onto the belt loops for galloping at full speeds while riding your Horse, Motorcycle or Cruising through any Cityscape to secure the bag more firmly. Appearance parallel to a suspender. Clasp togetehr in front of you for a more snug and noticable accessory bag style, or behind the torso against to conceal them. Can be worn underneath clothing or on top of outterwear.