Snake&Fur Duo Holster

Shown here in size Medium.


Shot: Water Snake in Black with Black or Ivory Color Leather. Choose your Hardware Color to compliment, upon your specifications. Offering this customization FREE of charge in this one time Offer to ingest what a Custom Piece feels like. Your intro to the world of Bespoke-Made Personalization, HAS JUST ARRIVED. Get involved.

Snake&Fur Duo Holster

Snakeskin Colors
  • Bottom Clasps open to make way for 3 option/style uses. Clip onto the belt loops for galloping at full speeds while riding your Horse, Motorcycle or Cruising through any Cityscape to secure the bag more firmly. Appearance parallel to a suspender. Clasp togetehr in front of you for a more snug and noticable accessory bag style, or behind the torso against to conceal them. Can be worn underneath clothing or on top of outterwear.

  • Medium: 5 inches in Height by 9 inches in Length, Shoulder Width is extendable by 3 inches. At smallest closure measures at 13 inches wide. At most open at 16 inches in width.

    Large: 6 inches in Height by 10.5 inches in Lenght. Shoulder at smallest closure is 16 inches and open to the largest closure at 19 inches.

    All Straps Adjustable. Length for torso extending and cropping to fit every body size & shape.