The Original Holster Bags

Our two shoulder gun holster-inspired daily bags. Never again feel the weight of your handbags with this option, wear it close to the body utilizing our adjustable straps both in length and width across your shoulder span. Our four-snap shoulder piece can make it more narrow for our smaller framed clientele or for those of whom wish to wear it concealed under a jacket. Open up the snaps for a wider option to wear outside of your outerwear. 4 pockets allow for optimal storage while the supple leather begins to form nicely to its wearer during ample usage.

This bag will undoubtedly be your new favorite daily piece.

Two metal easy-to-open clasp options at the bottom of the bags link onto your belt loops or attach to one another both in front or behind the body for a closer fit while riding, travelling or just moving through your busy life. Complete with custom horse skull hardware and Equites buttons, this piece is a noticeable and smart option for those of whom like to set themselves apart from the rest.

*Shown here in size Medium

The Original Holster Bags

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Metal / Hardware Colors
  • Dimensions of each bag are 5 inches in height at longest side & 9.5 inches in Length. Fits iPhone S and Men's Full Size Wallets.

  • Bottom Clasps open to make way for 3 option/style uses. Clip onto the belt loops for galloping at full speeds while riding your Horse, Motorcycle or Cruising through any Cityscape to secure the bag more firmly. Appearance parallel to a suspender. Clasp togetehr in front of you for a more snug and noticable accessory bag style, or behind the torso against to conceal them. Can be worn underneath clothing or on top of outterwear.