The Science of it all

We write you now from the vast lands of Australia.

Coming into this foreign landscape had us on a focused track to meet a superstar by the name of Charlie. We’ll come back to him though..

Upon touchdown we went into the trees, the wilderness…aware of the killer ants, spiders, snakes and all things that were new dangerous animal species we weren’t used to being in the company of. Although this guy pictured below was absolutely harmless, just goes to show you how interesting different parts of the world can be.

And so begun our labels forward movement down under!

With Kangaroos, Wallabees and Koala bears a plenty we set into our meetings with part of the Earth Habitats Team.

This team, more like a family of Masterminds consisting of land researchers, experts in reading bodies of water, Architectural Design, Agriculture, Sustainable and Ayurvedic Villages, PhD’s, professors, Textile Scientists and Creators alike. That’s where we come in!

Sitting at a table with three others, coming in as a clothing designer seeking to locate conscious and as close to earth's natural state textiles was the goal and main interest in visiting this vast country and its offerings for us to create with the best we could find.

Discussions and explorations however quickly unfolded even unto even bigger ideas than that. What I was told at this table was basically that I could create my own combinations of any fabrics I sought, and more natural than had ever been done in the history of all textile making. Woah~ Head spinning and heart bursting with illumination of all my new possibilities, the meeting went on for hours of which came the conclusion wherein we will work together with nature to figure out what colors and textures will make themselves available per my collections each season.

Now with this new design element shift.. Instead of bringing garments to the world through falsely and chemically dyed colors which have been proven to be ingested through the humans biggest organ, the skin…we will bring to you only colors that nature has provided us with, and from those few colors we can make other colors. Naturally.

A great woman of whom has studied Alpaca fibers and their effects on the human form brought us all together. As her most beautiful vision in bringing animals, and humans together as it once was to a deeper and more responsible way of utilizing their coats as natural fibers. What has been identified as Kinetic light energy transfer from fiber to human skin and promoting one's own enhanced states of well being. The readings of the wearers health being positively affected has been identified in laboratories that Ms Crozier has been in over the last 20 years with her esteemed colleagues. Thankful to her we were brought together as she stated, “Equites is just the kind of label we were looking for”.

Ms Crozier and her team of specialists are working diligently to bring rightful ways and systems back into the mainstream so we can all live and thrive in a more abundantly natural society, state, health and ways of maintaining this new world…which in short, is actually how things used to be in the ancient world.

Check out Earth Habitat teams efforts and all they are working on here at:

We at Equites are proud to be working in conjunction with them to bring the world the most ALIVE and beautifully given by each season of natures turning to YOU.

So excited by this collaboration with some of the earth's masterminds and master hearts. Bringing the makings of our products right back around to the way nature intended.

Stay tuned as we unfold our collective worlds! Things are so exciting every day in the Equites labs!!! Making real and viable differences is our game, and we’ve come to play.

This coming week, we’ll be visiting the very farms of which our sheep wool and new found source of leather will come from! From the soil up, and through these sentient animals and onto your person. We simply wish to bring you the purest in all we do.

Stay tuned for more footage of our first meeting with Charlie the Ram (i.e. our thread provider) pictured below.

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