Equites: A Thrilling New Adventure

We’ve all been there. You walk into a department store—Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomy’s. You do a quick once-over, and that tingling of excitement you had on the drive out to the mall begins to dissipate. A knot of epic proportions fills that empty gap. Still, you persevere. You go through rack after rack, even taking a stab or two at the clearance wall, but inevitably emerge empty-handed from the piles of itchy sweaters and unflattering jeans. You’re not cheap. You’re not picky. You’re not a “bad shopper.” This is not your fault, so quit blaming yourself. This is the fault of the industry.

Once upon a time, before Target, Walmart, and other giant department stores took over our world, clothing was actually designed and produced with a little integrity. In fact, fashion began

with the indigenous people, who made a point of killing animals only out of complete necessity, eating every piece of meat and using whatever was left for clothing materials. As we evolved as a human race, so did our clothing. Our lives transformed from nomadic to sedentary, and so creative minds were able to develop and perfect their craft. Shoemakers, Hatters, Seamstresses—these early designers began to open up shop. Fashion took on a whole new definition, albeit an ever-changing one, from the decadence of the French Revolution, to the parachute pants of the ‘80s.

Somewhere along the way, however, fashion stopped being about artistry and started being about money. Investors began to realize that they could cheaply develop much more product by using repetitive designs and synthetic material, which is why we, as consumers, have come to dread shopping. Failed shopping trips are a direct result of the adaptation of large department stores. More often than not, department store clothing (even designer clothing) is made of cheap synthetic material, and the designs are wildly overproduced (not to mention, wildly overpriced). How often do you show up to the office wearing the same tired blouse as your coworker? Where is the originality? The innovation? The creativity?

Over 70% of all products made by large department stores end up in a landfill, which means consumers are only buying about 30% of the product. Why? We at Equites believe that this is largely because big industry lacks the ability to tailor clothing to the needs of their consumers. They place too much emphasis on quantity, and not enough on quality. They create product in bulk, and only in a small amount of sizes, because it is cheaper, faster, and easier. But do their clothes really take care of their customers? Do they move when you move? Do they hug your body in a way that’s comfortable, and not in a way that makes you think you should skip breakfast? Do they give you blisters on your heels, or rashes on your thighs?

At Equites, our goal is to bring fashion back to its original tradition and quality. Each article of Equites clothing is specifically designed to cater to YOUR body and YOUR needs. We’ve chosen to focus on the Equestrian market because, quite simply, we believe that this group of women NEEDS catering to. As of this moment, there is no other high fashion equestrian brand, let alone one that provides the kinds of services that we plan to. Inspired by her equestrian friends, Ms. Medina has specifically created designs that fulfill every rider’s needs, both on and off the horse. Like her leather pants, for instance, designed not only to breathe with the movement of the rider, but also to be worn out to dinner with said rider’s girlfriends after a long day on the farm. The clothing is both sophisticated and practical.

Furthermore, Equites has adopted a mission to use only responsibly sourced skins, collected from the indigenous tribes outside of Bali (our place of production). These tribes have been carefully chosen for their practice of utilizing ALL parts of the animals. We believe that as inhabitants of Earth and its consumers, it is our responsibility to ensure that we utilize nature’s materials with a more conscious approach.

There are three elements a person needs to survive: food, shelter, and clothing. Our main focus is that last one. Equites is pioneering the forefront of sustainable fashion. No more chemicals. No more synthetics. We want to create real clothing for real people.

We invite you to join us on our journey. Follow our blog, ask questions – experience this movement alongside us. Keep an eye on what is promising to be a thrilling new adventure.

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