The Minimalist

The 21st century seems to be all about minimalism – living simply in an effort to focus on what’s important. Magazine articles are dedicated to the art of “distressing by decluttering,” newly weds are choosing to invest in Tiny Homes, and technology has improved to the point where a single device, small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, can take care of essentially all of your basic and non-basic needs, from ordering takeout to researching for a term paper.

Essentially, there is this incredible movement toward a minimization of material possessions as a means of simplifying life. The idea is that a simple life will lead to happiness, fulfillment, and utter bliss.

Equites is very much aligned with, and perhaps even ahead of, this trend. Gingi, the creator of the label, recognized that the minimalist requires a few, sturdy staple pieces, and so she set out to create garmentry that is not only made to last, but made to function. She chose to create leather products as opposed to man made ones simply because the material is will survive a lifetime of wear. No more cheap synthetic clothing to get you through the season. These pieces are built to get you through life. Not to mention, the significantly smaller carbon footprint extracting leather materials as opposed to synthetic ones has on our environment.

Take, for example, Equites’ leather riding pants. Not only are they designed to allow movement, but also to give the rider style, both on and off the horse. Similarly, the leather holster bags, labeled eloquently with the Equites watermark, are built for comfort and durability. Fasten the bag around your thighs, carry it like a backpack, or simply swing it over your shoulder. Experience the freedom of movement with this highly functional accessory.

In short, Equites strives to tailor to the needs of minimalist fashionistas by prioritizing not everything in bulk, but a few beautiful, functional, and meaningful pieces. It is the label’s belief that companies that produce versatile, functional, and stunning pieces could better serve the world than companies that produce mass-manufactured products. Consumers have become all too comfortable with identifying these brands as quality, but such a label does not truthfully nor honorably provide the full extent of real garment reach.

Equites wants to forward the minimalist movement by presenting people with quality gramentry so that they can focus all their energy on fulfilling their purpose-driven lives. “You sell off the kingdom piece by piece and trade it for a horse that will take you anywhere” (Colin Write, My Exile Lifestyle).

Let’s ride!

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