The Moto Quest

Our World Class motorcycle enthusiast and Record-setting rider came to us while building her custom motorcycle in the same city we were rooted in, Bali Indonesia.

She came to us with a set of needs that she simply could not find in any other jacket that existed. Once again it was clear that we were the right fit for such an active woman, one wishing to have all needs met by a single product.
And so began our shared vision of a Custom Vintage inspired leather jacket that was not only stylish and molded to her personality but even more so, one that would provide safety and comfort on the two-year ride of her life.


Check out the Video footage of our journey together below:

Ms. Raena Leung

Along our path, we have come in contact with many people asking for the same things. Wearable pieces, livable pieces, stylish pieces. More so than any other want or desire, the pieces needed to fit better and be more functional to outfit their many movements within the same day. Why not?


First, we came together with many horse riders as hobbyists, athletes, and just plain busy & jet-setting women from all walks of life. We realized, they were one in the same.

This path led us soon after to Raena Leung. A world-class athlete, Ms. Leung rides for the Hong Kong Team. Currently, she is on the European tour and aiming to compete at the World Championships and eventually her top goal….to ride for her team at the next Olympic Games.

We met with Raena, handed her some of our product and what she came back to us with was not only largely complimentary while stating we hit most of our goals right on the head at meeting her needs while riding but that we also provided for her the ability to wear the clothing in her world outside of the ring. Bullseye!

We are now a proud sponsor of Ms. Leung who is on her way through all of her Global Competitions. Go Raena!!!! Team Equites is 100% behind you and ALL women who share these desires, to be able to be a stylish and moveable individual in whatever daily tasks they aim to take on. Equites is with you ALL as you ride off into your day, the sunset and any area of your now very manageable world in your chosen clothing... no matter your form of transportation!