Equites Holster Bag

August 3, 2015 / Originaly posted by Liz Koob at The Bridled Life

Earlier this year The Bridled Life introduced you all to a new equestrian brand Equites.


Well we now have the pleasure of presenting to you one of their beautiful products, the Holster bag; that has been tried and tested by yours truly!


I was so excited to receive these because I simply couldn’t wait to see what they were like, how they fitted and how practical they really were. I was extremely honoured that Gingi Medina, the creator of Equites, gave me her very own holster; which is one of the first ever completed!

The holster bags are definitely not for the faint hearted. You have to completely own them and wear them with confidence, which is no easy feat. But they seem to give you a very Tomb Raider-esque feeling and will have you strutting around like Lara Croft in no time without even realising it. But before you go off searching for the cradle of life, these we actually made with the life of an equestrian in mind. So put down the guns and pick up the rake.


Super easy to slip on, all you have to do is attach the clips to your belt loops and you’re ready for the day. Made of incredibly soft leather, you have to fight the urge to just stop and cuddle them. The bags are very comfy and you still have full range of movement, you’re not restricted in any way so they’re the perfect thing to wear while doing your barn chores. Even when you get on, you barely notice them while you’re riding around, even when you jump they don’t slip.

The most surprising feature is how much you can actually fit in the kidney shaped bag. I managed to fit my phone, keys, headphones, Chap Stick and mints (for my spoilt horse) with room to spare!  You can fit all the necessities you need for a day at the barn, how convenient.

A great thing about the holster bags is that they are fully adjustable to fit any size. With press-studs across the back to suit small or large shoulders, and pulls on the front to secure them to you’re body, regardless of the length of your torso.

The Holster bags come in 2 colours, brown and black leather. Since the creation of the original, there has been a few modifications, such as all of the brass wear is now custom Equites, with striking horse skull D’s and logo press-studs, and the zippers on the bags are now exposed rather than covered up.

All in all the Holster bags, with their stunning details and amazing quality, are an accessory that should be added to the collection of those who are brave enough to stand out from the crowd.