Equites – A Revolutionary Brand

March 19, 2015 / Originaly posted by Liz Koob at The Bridled Life

One of the best things about having a blog is that you get the opportunity to meet and work with some truly incredible people with some remarkable and innovative ideas. And Gingi is no exception.

Introducing a brand new and exciting equestrian brand…. Equites!

Equites is the brainchild of the ever-ecstatic Gingi, who came up with the idea while travelling around with an equestrian friend and noticed that our wardrobes don’t really match our lifestyle. She says that we are so badass and it’s about time we started to dress like it.

Even though they are still in the pre-launch phase, still making a few alterations here and there after each product was tried and tested by a few select athletes, The Bridled Life has an exclusive look just for our wonderful readers.

Equites is the next big luxury brand for equestrians that we cannot only wear on the horse, but it is totally acceptable to be seen wearing while out to dinner. Gingi wanted to create a range that we could live in and would also last, while still looking amazing. This is a goal that she has most definitely achieved. These products are all something that we can look forward to having, and using for a long time; like a Prada handbag or classic little black dress.

This is a completely unique and amazing range with it staple product being Equites Leather Riders, which are leather riding pants. Yeap, you read that correctly, leather riding pants. I’ll admit when I first heard about them I was a little sceptical but I have since been convinced that these are the next big thing. They look so amazing, are super comfortable and most importantly breathable. If you look closely at the pictures you can see that the stitching in pleats have the stretch material to make them fit beautifully and to move with you while you’re riding.

The pants are only the beginning; as the brand progresses Equites will be the base range of a multi level brand with numerous collections of products, which will all have the Equites level of quality. There will be a children’s collection, along with leather travel bags, rider basics, horse skull accessories, jodhpurs, blazers, undergarments, leather jackets, brass capped riding boots and leather holster handbags. Basically you will be able to dress yourself stylishly in Equites from head to toe.

The brass-capped boots are made to order using a 3-D system so you can guarantee that they will fit you like a glove. And with a cute little Equites logo engraved onto the side of the toe adds that little bit extra which just completes it.

The Holster Handbags are pretty much a tomb raider style fanny pack which makes carrying around your things that much easier and their design enables you to even ride with them on; no more risk of your phone falling out of your pocket! The Holster bags come in either black or brown so that they fit into any wardrobe and you can wear them whenever you like.

While you are probably thinking that horse skull accessories might look a little gruesome to us equine lovers, they are actually quite possibly the most incredible looking jewellery I have every seen. They are so striking and fabulous even your non-equestrian friends will be asking where they can get their own. I just love them.

One of the things that Equites pride themselves on is using materials in their most natural form. The leather is always from the most humane suppliers so you can have a little piece of mind while wearing any of their products. They also use wools and coloured cottons from our very own shores, which gives us yet another reason for us to love them

Equites is currently accepting custom orders on their leather jackets, holster bags and leather travel bags, so that you can choose the exact colours you want. You can go crazy! Just have a look at some of these simply stunning examples.

Gingi is currently busy getting the brand ready to launch in the US for Fall/Winter, which for us will be a Spring/Summer release.

This collection is so rock & roll, Mick Jagger himself will be wanting his own array of items.

I’m so excited for this brands release and I cannot wait to see it out and about not only overseas on some of the worlds best and on the pages of equestrian fashion magazines like EquiStyle and The Horse Riders Journal, but here in Australia on some of our very own riders.