Be Inspired: I quit my job to change the fashion industry

08-12-2016  / Originaly posted by amycatling at Voom Pioneers

Gingi Medina has worked in several different roles within the fashion industry. For years she was a stylist, but when she felt that the materials she mostly worked with were unsustainable she wanted to disrupt the industry.

She told us “clothing is one of the top three most wasteful industries out there. I felt that to remain in this industry I had to do something more responsible.”

With over 15 years of career progression behind her, Gingi took the leap to quit and make the changes she wanted to see herself. Since then she has founded her company Equites, an Equestrian focused line that aims to create clothes as naturally as possible.

Starting my own business…

Heading out on her own was an entirely new experience for Gingi.

“I went to a place I have never lived in and tested my abilities to produce things alone for the first time, with items that haven’t before been used in this market,” she reflected.

It was about making connections. With the plan to use the most natural techniques possible to create clothes, Gingi has taken out the chemical processes of dyeing materials, so that their colour depends entirely on the season the material was sourced. The challenge was convincing others that this could be the new path to creating better fashion.

Gingi is gradually developing the collections alongside getting an audience interested in her idea. As a part of this strategy she has given her first-time customers a personal experience with her brand. They could order the products personalised to what they needed.


On the corporate side she put a lot of effort of networking. With a strong message Equites has managed to get equestrians on board as brand ambassadors through sponsorship, and Equites’ equestrian line will be featured at London Fashion Week next year.

The challenges of being sustainable…

Whilst working in the fashion industry for over 10 years, Gingi identified the need for sustainable fashion. Using sustainable materials is a concept that is becoming more and more important for businesses, but she feels that there is always more that can be done.


Bad luck has struck Equites along the way after 6 out of the 7 factories they used to manufacture their products closed down. However, this hasn’t broken her determination, as Gingi is now working on collaborating with other businesses to build a 100% renewable energy factory.


Gingi knows running a business isn’t easy: “every day there’s a chance for something to go wrong.” However she gets past the fear by using her support system. Finding people who were equally passionate about her goals has meant that when problems come up, she has a team of people ready to tackle it head on.

The line between success and failure…

Gingi believes whenever you’re doing something you love, it can’t be a failure. Life for her is continuous learning, and by allowing yourself to learn you’ll find success.


“Everything is a success whether it's worked or not because it always leads you to an answer.”